Smart Jewelry for Women

Beauty with brains is no longer just something to describe a person. With the advancements in technology and human’s general affinity for beautiful things, every day more and more gadgets are hitting the market that may look like jewelry on the outside, but are actually smart, tech devices. Now, staying connected and keeping tabs on your fitness doesn’t cost you a chance to get your bling on. With these best smart jewelry items, you get to subtly integrate technology into your life. The Smart Jewelry Wearables for Women. Best Smart Jewelry: Rings, Necklaces, Watches, and Bracelets. Compiled below are some of the most gorgeous pieces of wearable technology.

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Smart Jewelry for Women

Smart Jewelry for Women Editorial Review

The Leaf Urban by Bellabeat
This beautiful piece of jewelry is a smart necklace. It’s beautiful design, water resistance and versatility make it a must-have item. It is packed with smart fitness trackers that can help you keep a check on your activity levels, sleep cycles, calories burnt and monitor your period cycle and fertility by using the companion app. The app also gives you exercise and meditation tips and encouragement to help you achieve your fitness goals. The Leaf Urban lasts for 6 months on a full charge. The pendant can be clipped on to a chain and used as a necklace or onto the leather band provided with it to be used as a bracelet. Alternatively, it can also be clipped directly onto the clothes as a brooch. So, whatever your style, Leaf Urban will help you rock it.

Aries by Ringly
The pioneers of wearable technology, Ringly have launched a feature packed, elegant looking 18K gold smart ring. The ring is available with a choice of 3 semi-precious stones- lapis, rainbow moonstone and black onyx. The ring can be synced with more than a 100 apps ensuring you never miss a notification. The vibration and colors for each notification can be customized via the easy to use Ringly app. The smart ring can be charged by placing it in its jewelry box, and a full charge will last you for up to 48 hours.

Cuff DVB Smart Sport Band
This smart bracelet comes with a minimalist design so it is ideal for daily wear. It provides all the features available in a fitness band such as recording your activity and sleep cycles etc. But the feature that sets it apart from other smart bracelets available, is its safety feature. Pressing the cuff for 2-3 seconds activates the safety feature. This sends out a message to a group of contacts in your phone that you have previously selected and shares with them your GPS location. Alternatively, you can also customize the companion app to notify the police of your location.

Wristify Bracelet
If you want something more than just connectivity from your smart jewelry, then the wristify bracelet might be for you. It hasn’t hit the market just yet, but is expected to be available for sale very soon. The device, developed by a group of MIT students, helps keep your body temperature in control. It regulates your body’s internal temperature by providing localized heating or cooling sensations on your wrist.