Best WordPress Themes & Plugins for Real Estate Agent Websites

WordPress is known for being very versatile when it comes to building a website that meets your needs and standards, providing a site that very easy to manage afterward as well. But because the appearance and look of a site counts a lot, it is important to choose the appropriate theme that suits the type of your website, if you do choose to work with WordPress. So, if you want people to realize that you are a real estate agent and that your site is about real estate, the right theme could easily help you send this message. What are the best WordPress themes in this case? Just take a look at the list below. The Best WordPress Themes & Plugins for Real Estate Agent Websites.

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Best WordPress Themes & Plugins for Real Estate Agent Websites

Best WordPress Themes & Plugins for Real Estate Agent Websites Editorial Review

• Curb Appeal
Curb Appeal is a theme with a very fresh look, with pleasant shades of green, and allowing you to implement a search area and a section with a sneak preview of some of the available properties that are out for sale.

• Must See
If you are a fan of more sober colors, you will love the Must See theme. It has shades of grey, a search area for those that are interesting in finding particular properties in particular locations, and a scroll section where available properties for sale can be rapidly checked out.

• Prime Location
In case you are looking for a theme that will have a map included, Prime Location is for you. You can easily introduce the map of the area you have under your watch in the top of the page, where people can select the desired location. There is also an area where available properties are displayed, just in case a picture will turn out to be rather attractive.

• Open Floor Plan
The Open Floor Plan has a generous section for images in the top part of the screen, where you can use the image of a gorgeous property to display. The search section is right below and you can also list some featured properties, allowing potential clients to browse quickly through the images.

•  Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect is a rather simple and clean theme, perfect if you are looking to offer a minimalist look to your website. It has nice icons that depict their actions, while in the background there is the blurred picture of a home, the sign that this is indeed a real estate site. There is also the traditional search section and there is also a section dedicated to your blog posts, in case you have a blog as well.

•  Move-In Ready
This theme has a rather simple design, because it was meant to provide a lot of info. You can find a lot of sections on this theme, like the property search option, client testimonials, a property worth calculator, blog posts display, and others as well. So, with so much info in one place, the design had to be kept clean, so that visitors can easily find what they are interested in.

• Timeless – Exclusive themes
Or, if you are willing to pay, you can enjoy the Timeless themes. They are more elegant then the rest and will definitely capture the attention of your site’s visitors, if you are ready to pay the price. But, don’t worry, as the fee is not that significant and you do invest in you online image and presence, after all.