Best Wireless Hidden Spy Cameras

Technology has moved on at such a fast pace those movies like star wars and James Bond series look like the past. The secret gadgets that were shown in those movies are everyday toys for us. Sometimes many of those gadgets combined into one handheld device like a cell phone. Hidden spy cameras are another scientific miracle which has gained popularity over the last two decades. Tiny hidden spy cameras are being used as security cameras in homes and offices. The advent of wireless technology has given a new shape to hidden spy cameras. We review some of the best wireless hidden spy cameras in town. However, you must know probable uses of tiny hidden spy cameras, which include:
  • Security purpose
  • Safety of your home and office once you leave it with staff working
  • Looking after your children while you are away
  • Keeping an eye on the neighborhood
  • Nature watch
  • Hunting purpose
  • Naughty purposes

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Best Wireless Hidden Spy Cameras

Best Wireless Hidden Spy Cameras Editorial Review

Some of the best wireless hidden spy cameras available in the market include:

Wireless air freshener hidden spy Camera
It is a standalone tiny hidden spy camera which transmits and records color video. The receiver can be placed 100 meters away in the clear line of sight and 30 meters in an indoor environment. It works as an air refresher and doubles up as a secret agent for you on the wall. It has to be charged every 40 hours.

Digital Clock Radio Hidden Spy Camera With Night Vision / WiFi
One of the best wireless hidden spy cameras includes the digital clock radio hidden spy camera. It is small in size and totally blends in your environment as a regular alarm clock. However, it includes a tiny hidden camera which records high definition video with a 1080p resolution. It also has a microphone which means that the video is accompanied by audio. The video can be downloaded from the SD card as well. The video can be seen on your smartphone as well via wireless connection even when you are away from home.

Outlet Hidden Spy Camera - Discreet Camera and Recorder
This is one of the best motion detector security cameras that give you about 8 hours of footage. It records video in 1080 HD resolution giving you clarity whenever you playback the video. It incorporates a 128 GB memory and an SD card slot that is compatible with another 128 GB. The video has a time stamp too, which enables you to track your footage. The camera can also be synced with your TV device with an AV cable.
Outdoor rock spy camera
If you are looking for a high-end camera than the Xtreme Life HD covert spy camera is made just for you. It acts as a rock resting in the sun but is actually one of the best wireless hidden spy cameras out there. This can act as a security camera as well as a camera that helps you keep an eye on your children when they are playing in the sun. It records HD video for about 8 hours and can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet or PC.