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Being a parent doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a proper vacation anymore. Having the solution provided by a portable baby bedding, you can travel anywhere you want, always making sure that your child has a great bed to sleep in each time. Just by doing a bit of research to find the best travel crib for your baby, you will see just how diverse the offer is on the market. Then the question of which is most suitable for your child will arise, as you’ll wonder how to choose a travel crib that won’t cause any issues. Well, you won’t be able to do this any other way than by checking out what each model has to offer. To make things easier for you, here is a list with some of the most appreciated portable cribs available today.

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Best Travel Crib

Best Travel Crib Editorial Review

  • Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed
If you want a travel crib that won’t take too much of your space when traveling, you may want to opt for this model. It is a crib in shape of a bassinet, which after folding is slightly bigger than a laptop bag. It even has a few pockets so you can store a few items that are needed for your baby and it is extremely easy to use. Just do have in mind that this travel bed is for rest only and not for carrying your infant in it, as its structure is rather light. Having 19" x 30" inches, it fits best children that are under one year old.

  • Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Bassinet
This is a great travel crib for your baby because it has a bassinet destined for sleeping and an area where the baby can play in safety. It may seem hard to install, but it actually take about one minute to set it up, so don’t worry about it. It is a crib that is worth investing in because the bassinet can be removed once your child grows, becoming suitable for a larger baby in the future.

  • Delta Children Portable Mini Crib
Maybe you will love the classic wooden aspect of this baby crib and the fact that is foldable and easy to put aside. It takes about one minute to fold it, and it can be easily used both at home and while traveling. The crib also comes with a water-proof mattress and it can be adapted to serve as a bassinet, playpen, or changer, so it is a very versatile model.

  • Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light
This extremely practical and light travel crib will be a pleasure to use. First of all, it has a weight under 11 pounds, so it is going to be a piece of cake to take it along wherever you may go. To make it functional, just unfold the crib’s frame and everything will fall in its place. And it can be put aside just as easy. The mesh of the crib ensures proper aeration and the material is easy to be cleaned whenever you consider suitable.