Best Table Tennis Balls

Nowadays games are played with the best of the equipment. Table tennis is one of those sports that need very few things in order to play; all you need is a pair of racket, a ball, a net and a table. But, if any of these things is not precisely accurate, the essence of the game gets marred. Rackets and the ball are the two things that need the most of the attention. If you won’t have a good racket, your ball will go in directions unknown to you. If the ball being used is not in a perfect shape, it won’t obey your orders of maintaining speed, height and distance etc. To have the best experience of this compact yet healthy sport, let’s focus on finding some of the best balls.

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Best Table Tennis Balls

Best Table Tennis Balls Editorial Review

STIGA 1 Star Table Tennis Balls:
Although STIGA 1 star table tennis balls are not produced for a professional play, these balls are known for their good bounce, control and roundness. Mostly these balls are used in casual play where the high precision from the ball is not demanded. When it comes to the market reputation, STIGA 1 star balls are known to have a good rating. They come in a package of 144 balls and can be used for any kind of recreational or casual play.

Champion 4 Star:
If you are looking for a ball that has some standard specifications then champion 4 star is your answer. Champion produces its 4 star ball in a thickness of 40 mm which makes it ideal for the play. Since this ball comes in standard sizes, one must be thinking that it would cost a lot. Contrary to this thought, Champion 4 star is available at a cost of just 10 dollars for a batch of dozen balls.

STIGA 3 Star table tennis balls:
With its design approved by the USATT, STIGA 3 Star table tennis ball is something that is trusted by the professional players. This ball is used for playing in tournaments and small scale competitions. The spin, control and bounce of this ball are some of the qualities that make it stand out from the rest of the balls.

Approved from the ITTf, Butterfly table tennis balls have an overall ranking of 8.7 out of 10 when it comes to the precision of the ball. 3 star Butterfly has also been used as the official ball for 2009-10 World Table Tennis Championships which tells everything about the quality of the ball. The 40mm 3 star butterfly balls have perfect roundness and perform well when the spin is involved. The only concern is the price of this ball which is relatively high as compared to other balls.

Nittaku 3 Star Premium:
Nittaku 3 star premium balls are one of the highest rated table tennis balls because of its speed and roundness. These balls are a bit hard which makes it inevitable for them not to be round. The speed of this ball is relatively high as compared to the Butterfly. With durability as another trait of this ball, Nittaku 3 star is the best match for any kind of tournament. Since it has so many qualities, it comes with an expensive price tag, too.
Which ball to use?
The above mentioned balls are some of the best types being produced from their manufacturers. As for the official play, Nittaku 3 Star Premium and Butterfly are the best table tennis brands whereas the other 3 can be used for recreational play and smaller competitions. If price is the concern then you can shift to the first three categories that would allow you to spend less and have a good experience of table tennis at the same time. If price isn’t the concern then Butterfly and Nittaku 3 Star Premium has no match.