Best Stylish Sun Hats for Women

We are currently enjoying the warmth of the sun, but it will soon be quite hot and even dangerous if you have fair skin. So, you can stay protected and look chic at the same time, with the help of a sun hat. In fact, the sun hat should be a must-have summer accessory for every woman, providing shade and a sophisticated look. And when you think that there are so many styles out there, which can be easily paired with a dress, jeans, short pants, or whatever you’re in the mood to wear, you don’t have any reason not to get a sun hat. Here are some summer hats you should really take into consideration. Get ready to face the hottest day of the year in style with our pick of the best sun hats for women's.

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Best Stylish Sun Hats for Women

Best Stylish Sun Hats for Women Editorial Review

Target Tan Floppy Hat with Black Band
Large floppy hats are a never-dying accessory for the summer, due to the generous flaps that cover your shoulders. Thus, not only will you enjoy plenty of shade, but you will also make sure that your face and shoulders don’t get burned by the sun. Not to mention that such a hat give you a very romantic and feminine looks, especially when pair with a dress or skirt.

Sole Society Straw Panama Hat with Poms
Would you like something a bit more elegant than the ordinary fedora hat? Then you need to opt for this hat. It has a rather traditional air, it is true, but the embellishment with poms gives it a more modern air, making it more than perfect for casual attires on a sunny day.

Kate Spade New York La Vie En Rose Hat
This is the ideal hat if you want to head for the beach. If you are a fan of stripes, you will love this hat and its design, especially since it is improved with pink embroidery. So, whether you choose to wear his hat with a fluid beach dress or casual attire suitable for a tea party, you will definitely capture all the attention.

Hinge Straw Boater Hat
If you want to have a universal summer hat that can be worn almost anytime and with almost anything, you need to have a hat like this one. With a short brim that is rather flat as well this type of hat will make you look relaxed and ready to embrace another warm summer day. Wondering if you could wear it with a dress? A midi-dress would look just perfect paired with this hat.

Brixton Joanna Straw Hat
Are you looking to get some shade but without having to wear flaps that are too big? You are in luck because this type of hat is the precise type of hat you need. With a chic and elegant air, you can wear it with whatever you like. You should also know that you can find it in various sizes, so you can get the right fit in your case for a comfortable wear.

Sensi Studio Fedora Hat
For those women that love wearing a fedora hat, this one is more than perfect for this summer. Following the trends concerning its design, having a white color and a contrasting black band, this hat will definitely make you a stylish appearance, even if you opted for a casual look.