Best SMS Verification Plugin for WordPress

Would you like to verify the users of your WordPress site, to avoid any problems and spam user registration? A SMS verification system that is particularly designed to work with WordPress is more than suitable. It will allow you to check the persons that subscribe to your site through SMSs on their mobile phones, so you will be sure that the information is valid and that the person really exists. More and more WordPress website owners are taking advantage of this method, because it gives them a feeling of security, knowing that their efforts to attract people to their sites are not in vain. There are several SMS verification plugins you can use, so check them out before making the final choice.

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Best SMS Verification Plugin for WordPress

Best SMS Verification Plugin for WordPress Editorial Review

  • MailUp 9
This plugin was just recently updated, so that it will help you achieve the best performances with your marketing strategies. It eases the load of contacting a bigger number of people with the help of emails and SMSs, allowing you to grow your number of users and business much easier. The plugin comes with everything that may be in handy for an efficient management, such as consulting, resources, platform, and comprehensive know-how.

  • WP SMS Verification
Spam content can be very bothering for every site owner, because your work is all about gaining new users, the real ones. With this SMS verification plugin that comes at a very affordable price, you will verify any new user within seconds, making sure that he is real. And you can also verify the users while they place their comments on the site, in case you notice something awkward. Also, you can restrict the content of your website to the users that are not verified just yet, to minimize the risks.

  • SMS Web To Phone
This is a plugin you need to consider if you’re looking to get more leads. How will this help? Through this plugin, your website will have a special form that will invite users to ask you a question. You will instantly receive a text message with that question, having the chance to provide the solution your potential customer may have. Thus, you have the opportunity to establish contact with your prospects right from the start and show them that you have what they need. It is much more convenient, cheap, and easy to have a SMS service of this kind, than to expect prospects to call your sales representatives.

  • Fortumo SMS payment gateway
The users of your website will be able to pay for whatever they may get on your site with the help of this SMS plugin. All you have to do is to subscribe to and get their Cross-Platform Mobile Payments service, and by simply sending an SMS, your users will pay fast and simple. The payment is secure and very convenient, as no one needs back account or credit card details.

  • WordPress SMS
This is a free SMS verification plugin for WordPress, which allows you to send SMSs, especially if you want to let your site’s members know about an update or change. Practically, any newsletter, notifications, news, they can all be easily announced through an SMS to everyone interested. For the fact that it is free, this plugin has an impressive set of features that will make your task easier.