Best Smart Pet Feeders

Having a pet in the family seems as common in the United States as having children. In fact there are more homes with pets than there are with children because of the number of people that keep animals once they are done raising children and because of the number of young singles that adopt a pet. We spend millions of dollars annually to care for our animal friends. There are many exotic pets that people have tried, but by far the most popular pets continue to be dogs and cats. Feeding them manually may be tiresome especially when you are not at home that often. Technology, as always, comes to the rescue by giving us remote control per feeders. We provide you with a list of best smart pet feeders for your convenience.

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Best Smart Pet Feeders

Best Smart Pet Feeders Editorial Review

  • Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder
The feed and Go smart pet feeder is one of the best smart pet feeders that is available in the market. This can dispense dry food, water and milk. It has a built in webcam and speaker which along with the dispensing system can be controlled by tour smart phone through a Wi-Fi connection. You can also program it for regular feeding times which then make it an automatic pet feeder.

  • PETMAKER Large Capacity Automatic Programmable Pet Feeder
This is one of best smart pet feeder which is designed for pets of all sizes. It can be programmed so that the required amount of feed is dispensed as per your set time and quantity. It has smart sensors installed which helps in preventing from the overloading of the tray if the animal did not consume the previously given food. You can also record a six second message which can be an indication to the pet that it is time for their feed, just like an alarm system.

  • Pro Bowl
This is not only an automatic feeder but also allows you to analyze your pets feeding patterns. The app that comes with it will tell you if your pet is eating as it was the previous week or like it usually does. The app also tells you about when your pet ate last and how much did it eat. The feeder auto-orders food when the feeding system is running out of food in it. You just have to sit back and enjoy the company of your pet.

  • PetSafe Healthy Pets Simply Feed
If you do not want to spend a fortune buying remote control pet feeders, than this is the appliance for you. It simply puts out food on the programmed time that you have fed into it. The food dispensing system comes in various sizes which you can choose from, in accordance with the size of your pet.

  • Wireless whiskers
This is a smart feeder which can feed cats differently. The cat collar signals the device and it dispenses the amount of food programmed for that specific cat or dog. The RFID collar tag will help identify ach cat when it comes near the dispenser and not feed it if it was fed in the last 2, 3, and 4 hours as programmed by you.

Automatic dog and cat feeders are a need of the modern times. You should select one on order to keep your pet happy as they keep you happy de-stress whenever you require them to do so. Order your selection now at and move out peacefully without worrying about your unfed cat or dog.