Best Shoe Paint & Dye

Each of us has his own favorite shoes, which you would wear night and day, because they look great and are comfortable. If the shoes are made out of quality leather, with adequate maintenance they could last for years. The only part that tends to suffer is their color. Well, whether you need to refresh the color of your favorite shoes or you would like to get creative and customize a pair of shoes according to your style and preferences, shoe paints and dyes can help you out. There are several types of leather paint and even sneaker paint, which can be used to refresh the original color of a pair of shoes or even change it to something more attractive. There are brushes, kits, finishing polish, and everything else you may need to enjoy outstanding shoes. Let us take a look at the best brands and products of this market niche.

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Best Shoe Paint & Dye

Best Shoe Paint & Dye Editorial Review

How do you take care of your shoes? Here are our picks for the best shoe paint and dye for your shoes.

Angelus Brand is probably the best brand of shoe paint and dye that you can find out there, especially for those for feel a bit creative. The color palette of the products provided by Angelus is simply amazing. You can find shoes and sneaker dyes of all colors and shades, so all you need is just some rich imagination to make your shoes look spectacular. You can even find glitters and neon colors, besides the traditional leather paints. The brand not only provides the dyes and paints, but will also give people the chance to get brushes and everything else needed for a pair of shoes that look amazing, having a great design and being protected for years to come. If you really have big plans for your pair of shoes or even for several pair of shoes, you need to check out the Angelus Brand products. There are high chances that you’ll love what you’ll find.

This brand is also very reliable when it comes to customizing your shoes or just for refreshing the original color. You will find, under the Fiebing’s brand, several products that are used when painting shoes. For instance, there is a dye-prep product, used to clean and prep the leather of the shoes before applying the first coat of dye or paint. The brand also offers a number of acrylic dyes for leather, available in various colors that can be used alone or mixed together to obtain unique and interesting color shades. Of course, you can find regular leather colors as well, like black and various shades of brown, which are long lasting and give your shoes that brand new look you appreciated so much.

Jacquard Products provide Neopaque, which is a wide range of acrylic dyes for shoes, some of them having very interesting colors. It is worth checking these opaque paints for leather shoes as they are highly pigmented and can do a great job in providing a unique look for your favorite shoes. These colors are water-based, can be dry cleaned, and remain soft on the surface even after drying up, so you may very well enjoy using them.