Best Self-Defense Keychains (SDK)

The world is becoming more and more dangerous place to live in as each day progresses. It’s not enough to just rely on the system to protect you from adversaries that lurk in the shadows. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to take control of your own safety. People have been carrying a switch blade or pepper sprays for quite some time. But pepper sprays are just not effective enough, and switch blades or knuckle dusters would probably end up raising quite a few alarms at the metal detectors. So, how can you go about protecting yourself without drawing too many suspicious glances? Compiled below is a list of the best self-defense keychains, that are small enough to be carried around easily, but pack a powerful punch and will provide you the protection and confidence you need.

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Best Self-Defense Keychains (SDK)

Best Self-Defense Keychains (SDK) Editorial Review

Brutus the Bull Dog
Take the conventional knuckle duster to the next level. This bull dog shaped piece adds force to your punch. So, if you can’t punch to save yourself, then Brutus has got your back. It provides a solid base to your fist, thereby letting you hit with a lot more force. It is made completely of ABS plastic, which makes it as tough as a metal substitute, but considerably more lighter and easy to pass through just about any metal detector.

Vigilant PPS22BL130dB Panic Emergency Personal alarm + LED Light
This innocent looking keychain comes with a surprise for any attacker with evil designs on his mind. In case of an emergency it will blare out an alarm at 130dB! And to light up those dark alleys, this keychain also doubles up as an LED light.

Cold Steel Micro Recon 1
When it comes to self-defense, nothing beats a good old knife. You will have a hard time keeping it concealed as its make and shape set it apart from a utility blade, but it will get the job done of keeping you safe. The two-inch blade will be enough to let you cause enough damage to your attacker, thereby letting you escape. It has an added feature of a Tri-Ad lock that will ensure that it stays open when you need it and doesn’t close accidently. It is made with AUS A Japanese steel so you can rest easy knowing that it won’t be needing sharpening anytime soon, but of course time to time maintenance is necessary for all such equipment.

Monkey Fist Paracord
Manage to keep attackers at a distance with this paracord. It is packed with military grade, double threaded paracord body and enough tensile strength to let it swing easily and giving you an opportunity to make your getaway. At the end of the cord is a 1 inch steel ball that will be enough to stop an attacker in their tracks.

Nukotools Fatboy G10 Punchring
This highly portable EDC (Everyday Carry) self-defense weapon is made entirely of plastic, but is still as tough as any piece of metal. Slip it on your hand to throw a stronger punch. Additionally, the ridging on the end will thwart your attacker    effectively.