Best Moscow Mule Mugs

A cocktail which gives you the taste of heaven is the right mix between the flavor added and the alcohol. The alcohol alone can never guarantee a cocktail which elevates your mood. This includes the presentation and even the alcohol holder in which it is presented. One of such vodka cocktail is the Moscow mule which is not only famous for its fizzy ginger taste but also because of the copper cup in which it is consumed and presented. For the past 60 years Moscow mule copper mugs have been an essential part of the Moscow mule. Let us look at some of the best Moscow mule mugs that you can order from

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Best Moscow Mule Mugs

Best Moscow Mule Mugs Editorial Review

  • 100% Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs
22 gauge copper is used to mould these handmade mugs. They are then hammered to give a special look along with a lacquer free interior to safeguard from any chemical contamination of the drink. They have a sturdy handle and a heavy feel to it which gives you the classic presentation of the Moscow mule drink. The shiny look of the mug gives an immaculate look after every cleaning. This is a must have collector’s item if you are a Moscow mule fan.

  • Knooop Mugs
These Moscow mule copper mugs are easy to maintain and have an angular brass handle. This makes them easier to grip irrespective of your hand size. You can purchase these copper cups with a life time guarantee as well.
  • KaMojo Mule Embossed
The elegant and special design makes you drool over the drink even before you take the first sip. They have been embossed by hand in order to give them a traditional and classical look. Feel like a king every time you drink the Moscow mule from these copper mugs. The sturdy base ensures that the mug doesn’t topple on the table easily.

  • Morken Barware Moscow Mule Mugs
These Moscow mule copper mugs are made of 100% copper and have a weight of almost half a pound. These are one of the finest handmade creations coming out of the Indian subcontinent. The handmade feature ensures that every cup is different from the other. Moreover, it keeps your special drink cool for a longer duration of time giving you that classical Moscow mule taste every time.

  • Alchemade Smooth Copper Round Mug
If you want a Moscow mule copper mug that is not designed in the old fashioned way, you can always go for the Alchemade smooth copper round mug. The look of it is just like a copper cup with a handle. Its welded handles give it that smooth, sleek look associated with Moscow Mules, and the fact that it’s free of nickel, aluminum; steel and other metal guarantees the taste of a genuine Moscow Mule experience.

  • Stubborn Mule Moscow Mule Copper Mug 16 oz.
This large Moscow mule mug guarantees the classical look and taste from where it all began. The seal ensures no leakage from the handle area and the hammered pattern gives that classical look. All in all it is one of the Best Moscow Mule mug you can find online.