Best Monthly Sock Subscription Boxes for Men

The advent of fashion never stops to amaze the common man. Earlier, the men fashion talks used to be confined to only dresses and shirts. It got down to sizes and cuts of pants and then a little attention was drawn towards shoes. Evolution of sock subscription boxes - Later it became all about the pants and shoes. Just in the midst of so many other things socks were forgotten. The latest fashion of rolled up pants actually gave socks an identity. Now all of the fashion fanatics put in keen effort to select a perfect pair of socks to complement their outfit and entire look. Some of the sock producing brands played a perfect card and surfaced new a scheme of selling their socks. That scheme was sending monthly sock subscription boxes. This way they would send at least two pair of sock each month to all their subscribers around the year. This way the brands could secure their sales target and fashion fanatic men would never miss on perfect pair of sock (since it is very hard to find a pair of fashionable socks every now and then).

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Best Monthly Sock Subscription Boxes for Men

Best Monthly Sock Subscription Boxes for Men Editorial Review

Sock fancy:
  • A combination of inspiring, unique and bizarre socks
  • Promising High quality (you may check sliding down the hallway several times, that’s guaranteed!!)
  • Comfortable fit that doesn’t shrink even after several washes
  • Each pair is made under supervision with high accuracy of 2 thread count.
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Free home delivery.
  • Timely home deliveries without any lingering reminders.

London Sock Company:
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Inspiring sock style
  • Luxury socks for men
  • Style for classy men
  • Mainly targets men with cigars and benz
  • 15% off on first purchase.
  • Best as men’s gift

Say it with a sock:
  • Stylish colorful designs designed for each individual.
  • Flexible subscription duration
  • For both the genders
  • Targets all genres (form pinstripes to spongebob)
  • You may cancel anytime
  • Customized socks
  • High quality
  • So dramatically designed that you can even flaunt with sandals
  • You may even skip a subscription month
  • Free home delivery.
  • Best as men’s gift

Best monthly sock subscription boxes

London Sock Company targets the elite business class and is only suitable for all those suited up men. It didn’t even vouch for a free home delivery. The specific target audience already takes it out of the top list. Sock fancy and say it with a sock give in a lot of guarantee for quality and comfort, they both offer free home deliveries and flexible subscription plans. But ‘say it with a sock’ earns a point over customized sock design.

Best gift for men:
So next time if you are confused with what to give your men fellows as a gift, nothing could be better than a nice pair of comfortable, woven, stylish socks.

Now you may confidently pull your pants up and flaunt your sock style. Its way past high time that you give your feet a little spotlight. At the end of the day a wrong sock can doom the look of your entire outfit.