Best Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box

Who doesn’t love candy? And what better way to enjoy it than to have it delivered right to your doorstep. Although it has become a trend to have boxes of goods shipped to your home, Japan offers a quirky twist where you get to have an assortment of candies sent your way. After a thorough search, we have narrowed down some of the best places to order your own Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box.

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Best Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box

Best Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box Editorial Review

When a craving for sweets kicks in at odd times of the day, it might be inopportune to go out to the nearest store and purchase a snack. To spare the trouble, people can now sigh up for Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes that provide an eclectic mélange of candies every month, so that you’re never lacking for confections.

Japan Candy Box
Japan Candy Box is one such online platform that deliver candies to your house. By choosing a subscription plan of one month to a year, customers have the option to customize their boxes by hand-picking any ten snacks that they would like to have added in their box. Offering free shipping worldwide and through their affiliate programs, Japan Candy Boxes have amassed a great following and are one of the most preferred and successful endeavors in this category.

Japan Crate
At the Japan Crate not only packs of candies are available, rather they offer a selection of crates each with its own blend of products such as care kits and kawaii greatness. The crate titled Japan Crate is the one that candy lovers need to get. There is a choice of the size of box that one wishes to order each with its own perks and features. After subscribing, the client receives a mystery box of goodies which are chosen and packed to provide customers the experience to enjoy all that is Japan in a deliciously sweet journey.

Tokyo Treat
A bit different than its counterparts, Tokyo Treat is a monthly Japanese snacks subscription box that reveals all the possible candies that could be included in your monthly bundle. From different tastes and flavors such as sweet, salty or fruity to limited or traditional kinds of sweets, there is something for everyone. Exuding creativity, Tokyo Treat gives custom candies their own touch to make them special and delectable. From a selection of small, regular and premium boxes these treats are worth it.

Candy Japan
Candy Japan takes it one step further by supplying candies not once, but twice in a month, thereby allowing consumers to get double the pleasure. Arriving two weeks apart, each box contains a handful of tasty snacks such as gums, sodas and chocolates for people to enjoy anywhere in the world.

Skosh Box
Facilitating different deals of crates with surprising mishmash of candy, Skosh Box makes boxes that cater to the whims of the customer. Whatever array of goods a person needs can be assembled together. On the other hand, standard boxes can also be chosen to satiate those taste buds.