Best Magento Shipping Extensions

Shipment charges can lead you in believing that you have ordered something at a higher cost. In the ever changing world, where even food is now being ordered online, saving shipment charges is more than just a smart move. Imagine the kind of money you can save in one year if you use a tool that helps you in saving shipment charges. Magento shipping extension is one such solution. It is not only beneficial for individuals but also highly beneficial for business owners. Shipping solutions for Ecommerce sellers are easily available at and the one that is especially recommended in the Order management extension by Amasty. The Best Magento Shipping Extensions.

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Best Magento Shipping Extensions

Best Magento Shipping Extensions Editorial Review

The advantages of using the Magento Shipping suite
There are various benefits that you can reap while using the Magento Shipping Extension. The best reason is saving of cost. You should not look ahead of the fact that it saves you a ton of money which essentially increases your profit margin, especially if you are in the online delivery business. Let us look at some of the best shipping suites available at

Magento Shipping Suite extension v1.4.1
This extension helps in creating shipping zones according to the method and category of the shipping zone. It also detects the location of the customer and applies the shipping rules and restriction of that specific region. The cost calculator is another built in feature that helps in creating shipping solutions for Ecommerce sellers.

Amasty Shipping Restrictions | v1.2.2
The extension helps the seller in blocking particular shipping companies or methods. It allows you to limit expensive options. The restriction limits can be based upon any demographic that you like.

Amasty Shipping Restrictions | v1.4.4
This order management extension helps in tweaking the rules of shipping based upon the kind of product or customer. The latest version allows you to have different rates of single item or whole shopping cart items. The rates can also be changed based upon fixed rate or a percentage.

Amasty Shipping Table Rates | v2.3.5
Shipping solutions for Ecommerce sellers take a positive step with the shipping table rate extension. It gives the options of selecting single or group rates, even based upon size and weight. The shipping rates can also be manually edited along with their estimated delivery.

Amasty Shipping & Payment by Customer Groups | v1.3.1
This order management extension allows a seller to manage payment and shipping methods. The customers only get to see the kind of shipping that will be provided to them. You can also select a group of privileged buyers that get the best deal.

Freight Shipping
The open source delivery management extension helps you in determining the live freight carrier in Magento. It completely supports the CE & EE and is available for Magento 1. It also integrates with other web shopping extensions making it a must get Magento Shipping extension.

Mageworld Advanced Delivery Schedule
The last on the list is the advance delivery schedule brings the feedback into the game. Customers can leave their comments and the delivery scheduled is emailed to all parties involved.

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