Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

Choosing the right magazine subscription for your kids can be a difficult task as this may not be the field of your expertise. However, you can always carry out a small research in order to know whether the children’s magazine you are looking for is suitable for the age group of your child or not. Moreover, kid’s magazine must be in line with the interest of your child. A popular sports kid’s magazine may not interest your child if he or she has no interest in sports. We look at some of the best magazine subscription for kids that you can buy at in order to entertain and educate your child.

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Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids Editorial Review

Babybug Magazine (0-3 years of age/ Fiction) 
It is never too early to start addicting your children with books and kids magazines. Babybug magazine is one of those magazines that your kids will enjoy because of hearty animations and a design that enables it to be used in a sturdy manner. It also includes help for adults making the kids read and engage in the magazine itself.

Highlights High Five (4-8 years of age/ educational)
This magazine has remained one of the most popular children’s magazines for a good part of last decade. It includes many educational and intelligence building activities and games for children who are in their developing years. This includes crosswords, mazes, and riddles. It also serves as a story magazine for kids with pictures and artwork to keep your child engaged. This is the right age to start building the cognitive abilities of your children.

Sports Illustrated Kids (9-12 years of age/ sports)
You always need to start early when it comes to sports. The sports illustrated kids magazine is the best way to start off with. It includes loads and loads of fun/cool information about different sports and franchises for your growing kid to enjoy.

Boy’s Life (6-17 years of age/ entertainment)
Teenage years are one of the most enjoyable years of a kid’s life. Make sure that you fill these years of your child’s life with reading material that engages them with sports, video game reviews and outdoor activities. Every issue of Boy’s life magazine includes reader-submitted stories and comics, as well as science project, worldwide (kid-friendly) news, and history.

Be Your Own You! (7-14 years of age/ girl magazine)
This is one of the best magazine subscriptions for kids especially for your little girls. This line of magazine talks about inner beauty and values of the female gender. They also aim at empowering young girls to accept the world that they live in and the positive role they have to uphold for the coming years in their life. It touches special female child issues like bullying and positive body image in an effort to educate and help them. The usual teen magazines are riffed with methods to fit and grab the attention of the opposite sex. However, BYOU is above all that commercialism that is being sold in the name of children’s magazine nowadays.