Best Linux and Cloud Training

In today’s world, there is a growing evidence that embedded cloud computing is now a core competency of IT organizations as recently according to a JP Morgan CIO survey, while today only 16% of all enterprise applications are invested in cloud, this number will grow to 41% by the next four years. Moreover, there is also a significant demand for Linux skills as according to IT employment site, demand for Linux experience has grown from 20% last year to 31% this year.  In order to provide assistance to IT professionals to claim these desired skills for career purposes, we have listed numerous institutions from where you can get skilled Linux and Cloud trainin.

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Best Linux and Cloud Training

Best Linux and Cloud Training Editorial Review

1. DevOps training: this organization provides training in latest technologies and collaborate between development and IT operations teams that increase efficiency and skill. Moreover, it provides training in cloud based services and automation tools that provide assistance in IT industries. This DevOps training program also provides courses on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
2. Red Hat: this institution provides training and certifications program and also online courses equipped with knowledge to provide Linux skills, Virtual courses include Red Hat system administration and Red Hat Linux troubleshooting, prices start from $1,400.

3. Cloud School: this is an online global cloud-computing training program which offers nine certification programs which include Certified Cloud Professional, Certified Cloud Technology Professional, Certified Cloud Architect, Certified Cloud Security Specialist etc. Each program focuses on a specific program within the program which allows students or professionals to enhance their knowledge and career opportunities and gain the necessary skills to advance their positions in the IT industry.

4. UC Berkeley Extension: this institution offers a number of courses related to Virtual and Cloud Computing in both classroom and online courses. There are no formal criterias for program admission, however attendees acquiring admission are required to have basic computer skills and the ability to write object-oriented program (OOP) code. The full cost of the program is $2,250 and all required courses must be completed in three years for individuals to require certification.

5. DePaul University: the DePaul University’s Cloud Computing Technologies Program is an 11 week intensive program which focuses on the principles and methods of cloud computing. It focuses on courses such as Cloud Computing Standards, Cloud Computing Implementation Strategies, Software As A Service etc. Students will also be required to build their own cloud application using services such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft as part of the program requirements.

6. The Linux Foundation: this provides a series of online training courses such as Embedded Linux, the Linux Kernel and Open Source Compliance. Courses are delivered using a live audio conference bridge and live Java-based virtual collaboration tool. Prices of courses start from $2750.

7. IBM: this institution offers certifications in Cloud Computing which offers sample assesments, objectives and various training resources included an instructor-led, web-study and self-study resources to prepare for exams. Moreover, the objectives are complex and in-depth, and provide a comprehensive knowledge on  the subject matter which would be valuable for students in seeking better career prospects.

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