Best Knee Scooter

We can all experience unwanted accidents in which our leg is injured and we require surgery to repair the damage. As we all know, knee surgery is probably the hardest, due to the long recovery period required for the knee to regain its former balance and strength. Because of this, the mobility of the patient will be reduced a lot, because the knee should not bear any weight or be used for walking. This is when special medical devices come in, like the knee scooter. This particular type of scooter allows you to move around, while recovering from the knee or leg surgery and injury, without putting too much pressure on the injured leg. But, before opting for a knee scooter, it is highly advisable to do some research and find the best one for you. To lend a helping hand, here is a list with the best knee scooters you may find on the market.

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Best Knee Scooter

Best Knee Scooter Editorial Review

1. Drive Medical’s DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker
This particular knee walker is great to be used both outdoors and indoors as well, presenting 8” wheels that makes it easy to maneuver, regardless of conditions. Speaking about maneuverability, this is probably the best knee walker at this chapter, being extremely easy to use by anyone and providing the degree of freedom you need while recovering from leg injury or surgery. It is lightweight and durable, it is equipped with breaks, and it features a soft padding that will comfortably accommodate your injured leg.

2. Roscoe Knee scooter with Basket
You will love this knee scooter because it is easy to use and you can easily fold its steering column, just in case you don’t have too much space to put it away when not using it. Also, because of this great feature, you will be able to put the scooter inside a car and take it with you wherever you may need it. The wheels are made to glide with ease and the knee support has extra padding for increased comfort while using this medical device.

3. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter
In comparison with the other two scooters presented earlier, this one has slightly smaller wheels, of only 7.5”, which makes it easier to steer and maneuver. The breaking system is also top notch, allowing you to stop in safety each time you need to turn or when you consider that you are going too fast. Both its steering column and knee pad are adjustable, so you can use the scooter in maximum safety and comfort. Also, it comes with a basket as well, which can be removed if you don’t use it.

4. All Terrain KneeRover
Do you have to walk on a rough terrain? Then this amazing knee scooter will be your most worthy ally. It presents 12” pneumatic tires that can handle any kind of terrain with ease. It doesn’t matter what kind of path you have to walk on, because you will be able to do it without putting your injured leg at risk. It is the kind of knee scooter that is most suitable if you live in the country side or if you know that you can’t stay away from the outdoors while your leg is healing.