Best Indian Black Teas

Accounting for almost thirty percent of the tea production worldwide, India is one of the largest producers of black tea. Be it a child or a fully grown adult, tea is equally loved by people of every age group in India. It’s because of the rich taste and the quality of the tea being produced in India. Areas like Assam, Darjeeling, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are famous for the production of the best quality tea. The interesting part here is that the tea production in India dates back even before the British era. Indians believe that their mornings are incomplete without a cup of tea and they feel like their bodies actually slowdown if they don’t get to taste tea in the morning. Due to this high market demand, tea manufacturers in India always struggle to stay on top by making the best tea and advertising about it accordingly. Indians produce some best quality black teas, which are not only famous in India but are loved by people living all over the world. Here’s an insight to the different types of black teas being produced in India:

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Best Indian Black Teas

Best Indian Black Teas Editorial Review

Assam Tea
If you like strong and malty flavored tea then Assam tea can satisfy your needs. Assam tea is a type of black tea that got its name from the region of its production. It is well known for its strong aroma and rich taste. It is made from the plant of Camellia Sinensis - The Assamica. Assam tea is also used in combination with other types of teas to give a unique flavor.

Tata Tea
When it comes to the packaged tea, Tata tea takes the first spot in quality and taste in India. Being sold in almost all the continents of the world, Tata tea offers the best quality black tea to all the people who love packaged tea. Tata tea’s uniqueness lies in the aromatic taste which greatly soothes the person consuming the tea.

Brooke Bond Taaza
Brooke Bond Taaza is another packaged black tea that gives competition to Tata Tea. Being sold under the banner of Unilever, Brooke Bond Taaza has a great market all over India. People who don’t like Tata tea are expected to enjoy the taste of Brooke Bond. Brooke Bond also comes with another variant of Brooke Bond Red Label Tea. The only difference between the two is that the Taaza black tea is stronger in taste as compared to the Red Label.

Darjeeling Tea
Hailing from the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, the Darjeeling tea is another type of organic black tea being produced in India. It has four different types depending upon the times of their harvest; First Flush, Second Flush, Monsoon and the Autumn Flush. These types vary in their taste ranging from lighter to stronger taste respectively. Darjeeling tea gives you an opportunity to select the type of black tea according to your needs.

There are other black tea brands in India also which are producing the best quality black tea not only in India but worldwide. Some of the brands deserve an honorary mention and their names are as follows:
• Tetley tea
• Bagaria
• Goodricke
• Jay Shree tea

If you live in India and don’t love tea then there is a very high probability that you’ll be called a fake Indian. Before anyone makes this claim, try these extraordinary black teas and get yourself trapped in the world of tea. You won’t regret falling in this trap. For sure!