Best Goal Planners You Can Use

When you want to keep your life organized, there's no question that you need to plan it. And with so many different goal planners, it might not be easy to decide on which one is better for you. In fact, there's not a perfect journal for everyone. Your preferences and personality are different and you need to choose the journal that allows you to be more productive, where you can write down your thought, business ideas, plans, goals, besides all the tasks that you need to complete. It's not easy to aggregate so many different types of data but, somehow, there are some journals and goal planners that allow you to do it.

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Best Goal Planners You Can Use

Best Goal Planners You Can Use Editorial Review

Here are the 4 best goal planners you can use:

#1: The SELF Journal
You might have a lot of goals in your life but if you don't plan how you'll reach them, things will never happen. You need to create your roadmap to achieve them and the SELF journal is one of the best tools for that.

With the SELF journal, yo can define 3-month goals. But this is only the beginning. You'll see a journal time line that is divided into 30-minute periods to define each task that you need to complete.

And since with every goal comes deadlines and things that you need to do, at the end of each week you have a place to do your own tracking and reflection about what you did and how you can succeed in the week that is coming.

#2: Spark Notebook
There are plenty of notebooks on the market to choose from. However, the Spark Netbook seems to be one of the best. It includes yearly planning pages, monthly goals, weekly planning, achievement tracker, 30-day challenge, and even inspiration pages.

Why this notebook seems to be better? Simply put, it has the perfect combination of organization guides and the functionality of the big life planners.

#3: Panda Planner
When you're looking for daily and weekly planners, one of the best options is the Panda Planner. It mainly works as a productivity planner and it includes many different sections. From the top priorities of your day to the end of day review about what you actually did, a daily gratitude section, a task list, and even an hourly schedule. But since you also want this to be a weekly journal, the Panda Planner also includes a weekly review section where you can see how the previous week went as well as you can plan how you will approach the wee that is coming.

#4: Handmade Leather Journal
When you're into journal crafted, you're going to love the Handmade Leather Journal. Made with Buffalo leather that is durable and extra soft on the exterior, you can be sure it will stand out. Plus, on the interior of this journal crafted, you'll find 120 pages that you can use. However, due to the thickness of the paper, you can use both sides without your pen bleed. The Handmade Leather Journal is made in India.

An appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, personal and work to-do lists, and gratitude log all in one planner.