Best Go Boards, Tables, Bowls & Stones

There’s nothing like a board game when you have your friends over or when you want to bond with your family members. In fact, we should invest in such games because technology is taking too much of our time, making us forget just how fun it is to spend quality time with the people you love and care about, while enjoying a game together. The Go game is a very entertaining game, original from China. It has simple rules when it comes to playing, although you will have to use your strategic thinking if you plan on winning it. But, before you get there, you may want to get a Go board, table, and so on. So, here are the best Go tables your money can buy.

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Best Go Boards, Tables, Bowls & Stones

Best Go Boards, Tables, Bowls & Stones Editorial Review

  • Featherweight Go Board
This is the type of game board that is easy to deposit and easy to carry around, while still being rather resistant. Made out of a material that is similar to shopping bags, playing Go on this particular board will feel like enjoying the game on a table napkin. It is extremely practical as it will allow you to enjoy the game, while enabling you to easily fold the board when you’re done, packing it or putting it away fast until the next game.

  • Magnetic Travel Go Game Set
If you want to find the best Go boards that can withstand during traveling, you need to have this board in mind. The fact that the board is magnetic is extremely useful, just in case you want to play the game on the car, plane, train, or whatever vehicle you are in, because the pieces won’t move whatsoever. The table also has small pull-out compartments from underneath, where the pieces are stored for save keeping.

  • Folding Go Board
The napkin-type Go board is not for you, but you would like something that can be packed easily? Then you should try this foldable Go board. It folds in half, so it can be easily placed in tight spaces, which means that you can take it away with you when traveling. It is definitely a much better choice in this case than Go bowls & stones. Also, because the surface of the board is made from MDF, the board is much more resistant, especially to accidental spills, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

  • Magnetic Lecture Go Board and Go Stones
This Go board may be a bit more expensive than the regular Go boards you may have seen up to this point, but it offers more than the others do. It has numbers on one side and letters on the other side, for lectures during the game. Also, the board is magnetic, to play the game safe because it can adhere to any surface due to its magnets, and it is also very flexible, so it will not break in case of unwanted accidents. So, overall it is a good investment to make if you want a high-quality and sturdy Go board, which offers more than just game surface.