Best Emoji Pillows

Who doesn’t love emojis, they make our normal bland chats much more interesting and add emotion to otherwise emotionless textual form of communication. They are cute and there are hundreds of options out there. But did you know, that there is a special treat for emoji lovers. Yes, that’s right, now you can get special emoji pillows in many cute and fluffy designs. Lets look at some of the Best Emoji Pillows:

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Best Emoji Pillows

Best Emoji Pillows Editorial Review

Poop Emoji Pillow:
First up on our list of the Best Emoji Pillows is the Poop Emoji Pillow. The name says it all, it’s a fluffy and vibrant pillow in the shape of the original emoji, though the only thing similar is just the shape. Because not only is the pillow soft and fluffy, it is available in rainbow colors! That’s right, a poop shaped rainbow colored pillow with two eyes and  a smile on it exactly like the emoji. Liven up your place with this addition.

Kissing Heart Expression Plush Pillow:
Next up we have a very soft and fluffy pillow made in the image of the kissing heart winking emoji. This pillow is a treat for the romantic and flirtatious types and your kids will adore squeezing it before turning down the lights. Plus it makes a super cute Valentine’s Day gift for high school sweethearts.

Throwboy 100 Emoji Pillow:
A pillow made for the doers, not the dreamers. This looks like a simle and plain reflection of the number 100, but to your kids this will evoke a can do attitude with a keep it real mentality. Warning: This will make your kids take a thousand selfies holding this pillow, you might be tempted to do the same thing #truestory

Jumbo Nerdy Emoji Pillow:

We all know this emji pretty well. The one that looks like a nerd with buckteeth and black rimmed glasses, the stereotypical depiction of a nerd; but the good news is that its pillow can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of being a nerd or not. Even the cool teens love kicking back with this jumbo nerdy emoji pillow! It's certainly a statement piece for the standard teen bedroom, but the friendly face is sure to alleviate some of that teen angst.

Monkey Emoji Pillow:
This for the occasion when you want to send a little bit of a subtle message to the kids. The pillow is based on the hear no evil monkey emoji, and is its fluffy soft incarnation. Of course you know that your little monkey isn't so little anymore! Of course your kids have grown up and have become full grown teens, so this makes the perfect gift for them Go ahead, give your teen a hear-no-evil monkey emoji pillow. Just remind them that you actually do see and hear everything that happens — evil or not.

Smile Emoji Pillow:
And last but not the least we have the Smile Pillows set, the smile emoji is pretty self explanatory with multiple subvariants (winking, toungue out, etc). And so, to top of our list we have the Smile Pillows set. So to finish off your collection get this set, completing the Best Emoji Pillows collection.